YSOI - a Gift for Fina

Thanks for the birthday cake that I receive in a few months ago.
But sorry, this time I do not give you any kind of cake.
There are more interesting things that I think I can make as a gift for you.
A review last year that you wrote on your FB status for comparison that you also wrote in this year. 

Let's see together : 
at Sep,11 2010 you said,
"Tunjuklah Tempat yg Terbaik Bagimu...
Jika ku Tak ada lagi di Hatimu...

now, at Sep, 11 2011 you said,
"Terimakasih ya Allah ,atas Semua Nikmat yg kau Beri padaku...Semoga semua ini tak menjadikanku lalai akan Kewajibanku padamu..Tp,jadikanku lebih ta'at kepadamu..

at Sep,16 2010 you said,
"Ku ingin Selamanya........^_^*"
now, at Sep, 16 2011 you said,
"Hati yang Damai.... & Hati yang Pemaaf....:')
"apapun itu, asal Orang Tua bisa Bahagia..
InsyaAllah akan aku lakuin..:')

at Sep,18 2010 you said,
"PenYESALan terBeSaR daLam Hidup dimuLAi daRi AwaL Yang saLah........"
now, at Sep, 18 2011 you said,
ternyata Allah Mendengar Do'aku..
Karna Allah memang Maha Adil..^_^*

This is amazing, that we try to always do better than before.
"Selamat ulang tahun Fina"



I just wanna be a Son of You

Bunda is a mother in Indonesian language.
Love and Sacrifice, according to me is always preceded by the word that is always there in the depiction of a mother.

When I was child he always protected me and cared.
At the time I made ​​a mistake, she tried to give me help to fix it.
At the time I was a teenager, she was protecting me as a child.
At the time I was growing up, she still protects me as a child.
As if she had prepared everything since I was still in her womb.

Sometimes we feel ashamed of that treatment, even when we feel smarter than him then we underestimate it.
Sometimes when she tries to give advice to us, this ear aches made​​, because we feel more righteous than herself.

But when I feel sad, I always thought of her. I want to be a kid again who would always be embraced with loving feelings.

Mother I just want to be your child and I do not want to be a person who acted wisely in front of you.
I just wanna be a son of you.



SignPost in Pandanaran

In one corner of the city of Semarang, precisely in the Pandanaran street, from the east before Tugu Muda monument. There is a guide that contains the 5-way of destination.

Bayumanik is an area located in the city of Semarang top.

    Solo and Yogya (Yogyakarta) is a city in an island in the south side of the Semarang city.

    Balai Kota is a government buildings that are on the Pemuda street. 

    Johar is a market in the city of Semarang, once the largest and most modern in Southeast Asia before its time in the 1930s to the era of the 1980s, this market developed into a trading center in Central Java.

    Setasiun which is referred to Poncol and Tawang railway station. Tawang railway station is the oldest railway station in Indonesia after the Semarang Warehouse railway station.


    Pelabuhan which is referred to Tanjung Mas harbour.



    YSOI - Soulmate

    From Facebook Status of my friend, she said :

    Jika kita mencintai seseorang, kita akan senantiasa mendo'akannya walaupun dia tidak berada disisi kita. 
    "Tuhan memberikan kita dua kaki untuk berjalan, dua tangan untuk memegang, dua telinga untuk mendengar dan dua mata untuk melihat. 
    Tetapi mengapa Tuhan hanya menganugerahkan sekeping hati pada kita ? 
    Karena Tuhan telah memberikan sekeping lagi hati pada seseorang untuk kita mencarinya. Itulah Cinta ..." *source from quoteindonesia.com

    Which means,
    If we love someone, we will always pray for her/him even though she/he is not in our side.
    "God gave us two legs to walk, two hands to hold, two ears to hear and two eyes to see. But why did God only gives grace on a piece of our hearts? Because God has given a piece of heart to someone else for us to look. That's Love ..."

    God has given reason to human so that he could think clearly about something that he was facing. 
    Each organ is well-organized according to function so as to form a perfectly unitary body of a being called the human. But humans are not only common sense but also has a carnality.

    Carnality usually bring disrepute to human life if followed to excess.

    Useful knowledge and science that have been delivered within a religion can bring good out of it all.  
    It also can be used to find pieces of our hearts that we have not discovered out there

    Soulmate - Parts of the heart will meet at the right time in both the human world and the hereafter by the will of the supreme god.

    Happy Birthday to Mbah GOOGLE

    At the age of 13 years, Google is no longer referred to as a teenager in the ranks of search engines but it makes the level of grandparents, which means full of experience and knowledge.
    Not only as a search engine, Google also as a one login ID to Blogger.com, YouTube.com, and many more well-known websites that integrate with Google.

    Just as a teacher, Google has a great service in education. I believe, apart from profit-oriented, Google has an good deeds that will not be interrupted. One charity that is not broken is a useful science.
    Once again happy birthday Mbah GOOGLE, may still become an idol in cyberspace.


    Indonesian Film Industry - Keep Moving Forward

    Hollywood movies a few months ago had dismissed series in Indonesia, related tax issues.
    Sign in August 2011, the film begins with the adoption of best-selling novel by JK Rowling, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part 2 starts playing back in cinemas in Indonesia. Followed by screening the work of Steven Spielberg, Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon.
    Influx of Hollywood movies back to Indonesia to bring their own entertainment world of film in Indonesia, the audience becomes really have much choice about what their saw.
    It is undeniable in terms of quality cinematography and story ideas, Hollywood movies have more creativity than the local film scene in Indonesia. Precisely with reference to the Indonesian filmmakers are encouraged to create and bring fresh ideas are spectacular with its characteristic Indonesia without having to refer to the context of the film that contains elements of mystical or sex.

    There are still many other ideas are more crazy and cool to be made in Indonesia.  
    If I as a young filmmaker or author of a story I might have an idea that can be made simple story movie ..

    The first, once we've enjoyed a film that tells the magic sword is the Pasa Dragon Sword. From here maybe we can make the continuation of the film at the present time.
    The emergence of crime in the present form is the incarnation of evil karma in the past, behind the crime there is always a good side.  

    A young man with all his talents in martial arts and cultures with high intellectual is a genius in the field of natural science to create a weapon that he had learned a sword made ​​from materials that were once used to make Pasa Dragon Sword.  
    With the sword he was against the crimes committed in his time. 

    Secondly, it could also lift the story of the struggle of a hero in the past who tried to retake the independence of Indonesia with his perseverance and his war strategy. Many of the characters that can become a film and filled with moral and educational messages. Bung Tomo, Supriyadi, Sukarno, Mohammad Hatta, Prince Diponegoro, the Great General Soedirman and many more are potentially raised his story in the film. 

    Success and keep moving forward for the Indonesian film industry .. MERDEKA!


    MUDIK - only in Indonesia

    MUDIK could be interpreted as a homecoming.

    These activities are always carried out by Indonesian citizens wherever they are. Whether at home or residing abroad.

    Every year that coincides on Eid celebrations, usually at between 7 days before or after the Idul Fitri celebration.
    This event has always received special attention and treatment from the government of  Indonesia, because almost in every field and corner of life affected by these events.

    Starting from the prices of food, clothing, even an Internet connection or a data stream received attention also from the cellular service providers to increase their server capacity and bandwidth.

    From the transport stream that is always full and overload, resulting in so large and powerful aura of this MUDIK events.

    Also very diverse means of transportation they use, Motorcycle, Car, Bus, Marine, Aircraft, even many of their transportation to be modified to load more goods as stock or a souvenir for his family in the goal area they do MUDIK.

    What is their purpose to do MUDIK?
    Indonesian is very popular with the hospitality and spirit of cooperation or commonly called the GotongRoyong.
    From here there is a synergy between understanding ancestors in Indonesia with the teachings of Islam that teaches about the necessity for Muslims to do Silaturahmi (hospitality exchange network).
    Interestingly MUDIK is not only done by Muslims but also other religions that have a Muslim family members.
    This is the greatness of Indonesia as a country that slogan "Bhineka Tunggal Ika" (Unity in Diversity)

    There is a sense of pride and an overwhelming desire to meet her parents after less than a year did not meet just to kiss his hand and apologized for the mistakes done during this time. It is called an event of forgiveness or halal bi halal.


    Tahu Gimbal by Chef Rabiyo

    Since 1981, Mr. Rabiyo been trading Tahu Gimbal with his cart.

    Unlike other cuisine of Tahu Gimbal, the cuisine has its own characteristics, it only makes a modest appearance. 
    Its market area only around the Gayamsari and Supriyadi areas in the city of Semarang
    It had been years of 1981, about 30 years he still retains his trademark is a simple but he always wore around his cart to sell in the area.


    Brigadier Norman Kamaru - Welcome to The World of Entertainment

    Brigadier Norman Kamaru with his determination to leave the police unit entered the world of entertainment.

    A citizen of Indonesia on this one began his career in the police. With his acting ability lipsing artist imitating Shah Rukh Khan with his song Chaiyya Chaiyya. Then, without his knowledge by his friends uploaded to YouTube. Since then he's as famous for his characteristic style of uniform policing.

    Today, with the passion that flows within him entertaining. He began to take the liberty respectfully to leave policing unit and began to enter the world of entertainment. This decision certainly raises the pros and cons in the community.
    Regardless of public opinion, any decision of Norman Kamaru long as he kept the same time entertaining the community policing in the entertainment world, I'm sure he'll have many fans.
    Like the proverb that says "forget the peanut shell", may he always carries the hallmark of policing.
    Success for Norman Kamaru, create a police force and in particular Indonesia Gorontalo be proud even if you no longer are in units of the police official.