Your Status Our Inspiration (YSOI)

Every body is unique.  
Experiences and environments that shape their mindset is different from one another.
From here I often get ideas that inspire me in responding to or describing of what they write on their status based on my personal opinion.

Facebook is a tool that I use to share information and capture information from those who connected with me.  
Update their status in an interesting way that I see would I take to be discussed within the frame of my personal thoughts. 

By always maintain and respect the privacy of my friends
If I show them as the owner's profile of the status that I review. Before I post something to my blog, I will confirm them in advance about their status that I will review.
The belief of one's very expensive to get it. I have to defend it.

More of Thank's to
Thank you very much for you that has become my friend.  
You are my inspiration.   

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