Pancawisesa | Fall in Love

LOVE is a feeling that comes from the heart which is collaborating with the perception of our brain that function as the holder control over all functions of our organs.
In general organ of our body is divided into 5 basic functions are, hear, feel the taste, touch, smell, and look at something.

Based on the ancient Javanese literature, Kakawin Smaradhana. Telling an arrow named Pancawisesa like an arrow of love in western culture in the shoot by cupid.
Here, I'll try to give explanation of these five things in a bond which is wrapped by a "lovesick".

Satunggal (one)
The voice sounded melodious songs like fairy wings of butterflies, a beautiful singing DISCORDANT notes. You'll be lulled to sleep and still hear the voice in your subconscious.

Kalih (two)
Your lips could not say no when you feel the pleasure of touch HEAT in your mouth cavity. HEAT is burning down and dried saliva that no longer know the tongue, salty, bitter and sweet. All fused into one of beauty that is very tasty.

Tigo (three)
The touch of sharp thorns that wrap nails butterfly fairy has made ​​an impression on your skin. Thorns are deliberately invited you to scratch the body with the CRUDE. But you feel comfortable going soft scratches it.

Sekawan (four)
The smell of carrion wafted back when a butterfly fairy up to you. But you can not smell the rotting because you put a filter such as filter stench that smells could reach the deep recesses of your heart. You start letting your white heart chose STENCH is residing comfortably in your heart. It's your white heart feels so very beautiful at that time.

Gansal (five)
Far and release into the wild, as free and wide as your blind eyes that laid a false image of BAD in your holy retina. Once again your blind eye really put something that is BAD in a BEAUTIFUL gift with a rope knot made ​​of jasmine flowers that a butterfly fairy are free suck sweet nectar.

Spooky Overpass

Jembatan Penyeberangan Banyumanik
I took this photo when I capture the traffic in the area around Banyumanik for Semarang2Day.
Seen not as usual in the afternoon, this overpass is a bridge used to cross from the Banyumanik bus terminal area across the street in front of this
During the day is often bypassed the overpass, but at night it was after 9pm, these bridges are lonely people passing through it.  
The lack of lighting on the bridge makes the atmosphere of a dark, lonely and scary. Although, the road underneath it is very crowded with passing vehicles.
A little nervous, hurry .. and finally .. RUN...!


Creative BUT Uncomfortable

I eat at fast food restaurants KFC, with all of creative interior I feel happy inside. When eating a meal I have seen various kinds of ornaments KFC is very interesting. Bit that makes me uncomfortable is the layout of LCD TVs with tilt adjustment made ​​other ornaments creativity. But this makes me uncomfortable enjoy it's cable television. My fried chicken can not be enjoy together to see a football broadcast. "Im thirsty..."


YSOI - She wrote "Arti Sahabat"

.not about who you know is the longest.
.not who comes first.
.or not most of the attention.
.all it is about who came & never left.

Arrival of a person in our lives is a boon, as time passes.
The role of the person will manifest themselves as what he/she had in our lives.
If according to my glasses, best friends in our friendship is our soulmate.
She/He came and never went in when we are happy or sad even he would always share with us in times of feeling it also occurred to her/him. So that we too can feel the happiness and their sadness.

Who's your best friends ..?
It could be your parents, brothers, friends own age, or even your wife or husband.
It may also be surprising that your best friends are your child's future.

Thank you to my friends who allow me to share this to the public for something better.


Friends are like Electrons

We're like a bunch of atoms that make up life in the universe.
Every human person is unique. Each unique person has two sides that form it,
such as atomic nuclei are composed of protons and neutrons.

The nucleus can be likened to a form of two opposite sides of each pair
like the good-bad, healthy-sick, pretty-bad, rich-poor, all pairs such as neutrons and protons that make up atomic nuclei.

Each nucleus is always surrounded by electrons.
One or more electrons surrounds the nucleus has a role that makes the atoms form a characteristic different.

Humans as well as the atomic nucleus, its character is formed due to the influence of the people around like electrons surrounding the atomic nucleus.
Although self-determine the direction the more that character is formed.
Electrons are described as people who play a role in one's life, such as friends or family.
Similarly friend who introduced us to new things, form the familiar path of other atoms because attraction between electrons from other atoms.

If we think back to the basic form of a form of life or anything in this universe.
The nature and characteristics reflect the nature of the Atom.


Geotagging on Your Blog Post

More information about the blog post you make it easy for readers to understand about what the clarity of the post.
One is the position of the scene of the contents of these posts - Or "Location Information" *hehe....

With Geotagging in the Blogger.com environment which integrated with Google Map.

Here's how :
1. Click the Add Location button in the bottom right of the new post editor.

2. So,.. You will bring up a new window that displays the familiar Google Maps interface and you can customize and drop markers for the location of your choice.
You can change the name of the place in accordance with the truth according to you. Because what is raised by google maps might not like what you would expect.

3. Click Save then publish your New Post.

You can see an example in my other post Simple Taste Delights

Happy blogging and have a nice week end :)


How to become a Firebender

I will never be firebender but I can to be like firebender
you do not have to come from the fire nations like a prince Zuko.

You need only a cheap digital compact cameras and in few simple creativity.
Following steps :
  1. Prepare digital compact camera and a fireworks.
  2. Select night scene mode, so that more light is captured by the lens. In these circumstances the process of shooting will last for about 2 seconds.
  3. Within approximately 2 seconds, the movement of fireworks with a particular pattern.
So,.. you will get a motion like firebender. 
"Just try it and good luck"

Here is another movement of fire effects

Simple Taste Delights

Located at kilometer 30 on the highway Semarang-Bawen exactly in front of Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia plant Central Java Operation.
We can find a simple restaurant with a delicious taste with a sense of its Indonesian.

This is Madyoroso Restaurant.
Beginning with the sale of carrying rice in 1975, a woman named Ibu Suryati start this business.

Entering the year 1980 she along with her husband Bapak Wasio start setting up a restaurant and named Madyoroso or also known as Warung Mbak Sur.

Cuisine on offer here in the form of vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, eggs and birds.
All this is cooked with the taste of Indonesian cuisine, especially in Central Java.

If you are traveling in the direction of Semarang, Jogja or Solo, or vice versa, you can temporarily stop to taste the cuisine here.

Enjoy your travels in Central Java, Indonesia.


Style and Attitude

Different from the others in one group can be called unique.
As happens in an event at the end of the event held a vote in the category "most-[something]".
There is one person who according to most members of a group can win the category of "most" in various categories.

Who is he ? He is Wahyu Cepta AKA Mbah Temon, alias Ari Lasso(not actually an artist)
How can one man get a category :

  1. the handsomest
  2. the funniest
  3. the most beautiful
  4. the oldest
  5. the most well-formed nose
  6. the coolest

Separated from the truth, that all is not 100% valid.  
But from there we can learn, that the style is simple and fun attitude that can change one's appearance into the category most in an assessment of other people to us in their first assessment
Be yourself is always correct then it would be better than just being yourself 


The RAID - New Action Movie from Indonesia

Learning from experience of Merantau film, the production house Merantau Films plans to release the film The Raid in unison early 2012, in American and Indonesia theaters.

Before officially aired in Indonesia theaters, Merantau Films will be bringing the RAID participated in various international film festivals such as Busan in Korea and Spain.

The Raid has won the Toronto Film Festival in 2011 with the category of The Cadillac People's Choice Award and Midnight Madness announced on Sunday, September 18, 2011.
The film, starring Iko Uwais it even beat a movie starring Brad Pitt, Moneyball.

Learning from before experiences of the film Merantau.
At that time, we release the film in Indonesia first, just come and hold an international festival and triumph. After that a new film discussed here, this film already down from the cinema :(.

When this publication was changed, the film is included in the international arena and has been widely known after further heating up and a new red-hot then released in Indonesia. 

"Very proud"
Let's look at the thriller

Think About DNA

I've written this before in another time in person and certain circles. Now I am going to publish this paper.

Accompanied by a glass of cappuccino.
Each creation has always had a vivid lesson in every second time and the rest of his life, especially human beings are categorized as perfect reportedly armed with sensible and the carnality.
The outermost layer of the bit of reading material I just read about deoxyribonucleic acid, or commonly referred to as DNA.

The Supreme Creator of the master blueprint for an organism's complexity.
Is most likely a matter of life and the complexity of socialization in it is affected by DNA ...?

It says in Wikipedia that in broad outline, the role of DNA in a cell is as a means of genetic material, DNA stores the blueprint for all cellular activity.

Every living thing is made up of multiple cells that form a complex arrangement of organs, from a collection of organ formed individuals thing, from a collection of individuals form a community, form a system of collection of community life to explore all of the time.

The journey time from time to time be filled by the activities of Genetic Material. What a strong and weak systems.
When the activity of genetic material to its role in normal life with kindness, life pack which in time will become a pure goodness.
But not that simple, there is an activity that is said as a balancer in the code of ethics Black and White is always followed like a shadow self.
Genetic material once again play a role, this time it played a VIRUS like arrogance poisons called VENOM.

Back again to the code of ethics Black and White.
Pure goodness or pure evil ...?

Back again to the basic blueprint of life.
DNA ..? In the world of mortals who forded a set of DNA is obvious mapping where only one that can be wrapped, which is BALANCE.
Maybe that's what was there between Heaven and Hell in religious terms.
Space does exist if we go back again to see the Blueprint of Life (DNA).

In a holy book I ever read anything so would mean understanding that always include "Verily in this is truly there are signs for people who think".
Thinking will guide us in determining the steps of
life through to explore all of the time.

Almost any subject is far forget our hosts called TITLE aka DNA.
Human genetic material have a blueprint in the form of carnality
Although we are the thinkers and analyzers.
There is still a role of carnality is always accompanied by the faithful every a step of the Sensible..

Once again and do not forget them and the siding on one side between Sensible and Carnality.
Solely for the sake of reinforcing the theme of writing this post.

I sat quietly for them just above the counterweight and the collection of genetic material called it's name with pride DNA.