Pancawisesa | Fall in Love

LOVE is a feeling that comes from the heart which is collaborating with the perception of our brain that function as the holder control over all functions of our organs.
In general organ of our body is divided into 5 basic functions are, hear, feel the taste, touch, smell, and look at something.

Based on the ancient Javanese literature, Kakawin Smaradhana. Telling an arrow named Pancawisesa like an arrow of love in western culture in the shoot by cupid.
Here, I'll try to give explanation of these five things in a bond which is wrapped by a "lovesick".

Satunggal (one)
The voice sounded melodious songs like fairy wings of butterflies, a beautiful singing DISCORDANT notes. You'll be lulled to sleep and still hear the voice in your subconscious.

Kalih (two)
Your lips could not say no when you feel the pleasure of touch HEAT in your mouth cavity. HEAT is burning down and dried saliva that no longer know the tongue, salty, bitter and sweet. All fused into one of beauty that is very tasty.

Tigo (three)
The touch of sharp thorns that wrap nails butterfly fairy has made ​​an impression on your skin. Thorns are deliberately invited you to scratch the body with the CRUDE. But you feel comfortable going soft scratches it.

Sekawan (four)
The smell of carrion wafted back when a butterfly fairy up to you. But you can not smell the rotting because you put a filter such as filter stench that smells could reach the deep recesses of your heart. You start letting your white heart chose STENCH is residing comfortably in your heart. It's your white heart feels so very beautiful at that time.

Gansal (five)
Far and release into the wild, as free and wide as your blind eyes that laid a false image of BAD in your holy retina. Once again your blind eye really put something that is BAD in a BEAUTIFUL gift with a rope knot made ​​of jasmine flowers that a butterfly fairy are free suck sweet nectar.

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