How to become a Firebender

I will never be firebender but I can to be like firebender
you do not have to come from the fire nations like a prince Zuko.

You need only a cheap digital compact cameras and in few simple creativity.
Following steps :
  1. Prepare digital compact camera and a fireworks.
  2. Select night scene mode, so that more light is captured by the lens. In these circumstances the process of shooting will last for about 2 seconds.
  3. Within approximately 2 seconds, the movement of fireworks with a particular pattern.
So,.. you will get a motion like firebender. 
"Just try it and good luck"

Here is another movement of fire effects


  1. wah wis iso ngeblog saiki.. hehehe.. lanjutkan menulismu bro...

    Koncomu Bakul Lampu...

  2. Wahahaha.....
    Yes I do, start learn from the basic but not basic languange. Using template which provide by blogger. Easy going aja Zen,..

    Koncomu sing jik dadi pelayan IT


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