Brigadier Norman Kamaru - Welcome to The World of Entertainment

Brigadier Norman Kamaru with his determination to leave the police unit entered the world of entertainment.

A citizen of Indonesia on this one began his career in the police. With his acting ability lipsing artist imitating Shah Rukh Khan with his song Chaiyya Chaiyya. Then, without his knowledge by his friends uploaded to YouTube. Since then he's as famous for his characteristic style of uniform policing.

Today, with the passion that flows within him entertaining. He began to take the liberty respectfully to leave policing unit and began to enter the world of entertainment. This decision certainly raises the pros and cons in the community.
Regardless of public opinion, any decision of Norman Kamaru long as he kept the same time entertaining the community policing in the entertainment world, I'm sure he'll have many fans.
Like the proverb that says "forget the peanut shell", may he always carries the hallmark of policing.
Success for Norman Kamaru, create a police force and in particular Indonesia Gorontalo be proud even if you no longer are in units of the police official.

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