MUDIK - only in Indonesia

MUDIK could be interpreted as a homecoming.

These activities are always carried out by Indonesian citizens wherever they are. Whether at home or residing abroad.

Every year that coincides on Eid celebrations, usually at between 7 days before or after the Idul Fitri celebration.
This event has always received special attention and treatment from the government of  Indonesia, because almost in every field and corner of life affected by these events.

Starting from the prices of food, clothing, even an Internet connection or a data stream received attention also from the cellular service providers to increase their server capacity and bandwidth.

From the transport stream that is always full and overload, resulting in so large and powerful aura of this MUDIK events.

Also very diverse means of transportation they use, Motorcycle, Car, Bus, Marine, Aircraft, even many of their transportation to be modified to load more goods as stock or a souvenir for his family in the goal area they do MUDIK.

What is their purpose to do MUDIK?
Indonesian is very popular with the hospitality and spirit of cooperation or commonly called the GotongRoyong.
From here there is a synergy between understanding ancestors in Indonesia with the teachings of Islam that teaches about the necessity for Muslims to do Silaturahmi (hospitality exchange network).
Interestingly MUDIK is not only done by Muslims but also other religions that have a Muslim family members.
This is the greatness of Indonesia as a country that slogan "Bhineka Tunggal Ika" (Unity in Diversity)

There is a sense of pride and an overwhelming desire to meet her parents after less than a year did not meet just to kiss his hand and apologized for the mistakes done during this time. It is called an event of forgiveness or halal bi halal.

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