SignPost in Pandanaran

In one corner of the city of Semarang, precisely in the Pandanaran street, from the east before Tugu Muda monument. There is a guide that contains the 5-way of destination.

Bayumanik is an area located in the city of Semarang top.

    Solo and Yogya (Yogyakarta) is a city in an island in the south side of the Semarang city.

    Balai Kota is a government buildings that are on the Pemuda street. 

    Johar is a market in the city of Semarang, once the largest and most modern in Southeast Asia before its time in the 1930s to the era of the 1980s, this market developed into a trading center in Central Java.

    Setasiun which is referred to Poncol and Tawang railway station. Tawang railway station is the oldest railway station in Indonesia after the Semarang Warehouse railway station.


    Pelabuhan which is referred to Tanjung Mas harbour.


    Terboyo is bus station in the north side of Semarang city which is famous for its line of pantura.

    Surabaya is a city in an island in the east side of the Semarang city. It's capital of east java.

    Bandara A.Yani is international airport in Semarang city.


    Jakarta is capital of Indonesian, It's in an island (Java Island) in the west side of the Semarang city.


    Here is the full frame on the street in the city of Semarang Pandanaran

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