I just wanna be a Son of You

Bunda is a mother in Indonesian language.
Love and Sacrifice, according to me is always preceded by the word that is always there in the depiction of a mother.

When I was child he always protected me and cared.
At the time I made ​​a mistake, she tried to give me help to fix it.
At the time I was a teenager, she was protecting me as a child.
At the time I was growing up, she still protects me as a child.
As if she had prepared everything since I was still in her womb.

Sometimes we feel ashamed of that treatment, even when we feel smarter than him then we underestimate it.
Sometimes when she tries to give advice to us, this ear aches made​​, because we feel more righteous than herself.

But when I feel sad, I always thought of her. I want to be a kid again who would always be embraced with loving feelings.

Mother I just want to be your child and I do not want to be a person who acted wisely in front of you.
I just wanna be a son of you.


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