YSOI - Soulmate

From Facebook Status of my friend, she said :

Jika kita mencintai seseorang, kita akan senantiasa mendo'akannya walaupun dia tidak berada disisi kita. 
"Tuhan memberikan kita dua kaki untuk berjalan, dua tangan untuk memegang, dua telinga untuk mendengar dan dua mata untuk melihat. 
Tetapi mengapa Tuhan hanya menganugerahkan sekeping hati pada kita ? 
Karena Tuhan telah memberikan sekeping lagi hati pada seseorang untuk kita mencarinya. Itulah Cinta ..." *source from quoteindonesia.com

Which means,
If we love someone, we will always pray for her/him even though she/he is not in our side.
"God gave us two legs to walk, two hands to hold, two ears to hear and two eyes to see. But why did God only gives grace on a piece of our hearts? Because God has given a piece of heart to someone else for us to look. That's Love ..."

God has given reason to human so that he could think clearly about something that he was facing. 
Each organ is well-organized according to function so as to form a perfectly unitary body of a being called the human. But humans are not only common sense but also has a carnality.

Carnality usually bring disrepute to human life if followed to excess.

Useful knowledge and science that have been delivered within a religion can bring good out of it all.  
It also can be used to find pieces of our hearts that we have not discovered out there

Soulmate - Parts of the heart will meet at the right time in both the human world and the hereafter by the will of the supreme god.

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