Indonesian Film Industry - Keep Moving Forward

Hollywood movies a few months ago had dismissed series in Indonesia, related tax issues.
Sign in August 2011, the film begins with the adoption of best-selling novel by JK Rowling, Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows - Part 2 starts playing back in cinemas in Indonesia. Followed by screening the work of Steven Spielberg, Transformers 3 - Dark of the Moon.
Influx of Hollywood movies back to Indonesia to bring their own entertainment world of film in Indonesia, the audience becomes really have much choice about what their saw.
It is undeniable in terms of quality cinematography and story ideas, Hollywood movies have more creativity than the local film scene in Indonesia. Precisely with reference to the Indonesian filmmakers are encouraged to create and bring fresh ideas are spectacular with its characteristic Indonesia without having to refer to the context of the film that contains elements of mystical or sex.

There are still many other ideas are more crazy and cool to be made in Indonesia.  
If I as a young filmmaker or author of a story I might have an idea that can be made simple story movie ..

The first, once we've enjoyed a film that tells the magic sword is the Pasa Dragon Sword. From here maybe we can make the continuation of the film at the present time.
The emergence of crime in the present form is the incarnation of evil karma in the past, behind the crime there is always a good side.  

A young man with all his talents in martial arts and cultures with high intellectual is a genius in the field of natural science to create a weapon that he had learned a sword made ​​from materials that were once used to make Pasa Dragon Sword.  
With the sword he was against the crimes committed in his time. 

Secondly, it could also lift the story of the struggle of a hero in the past who tried to retake the independence of Indonesia with his perseverance and his war strategy. Many of the characters that can become a film and filled with moral and educational messages. Bung Tomo, Supriyadi, Sukarno, Mohammad Hatta, Prince Diponegoro, the Great General Soedirman and many more are potentially raised his story in the film. 

Success and keep moving forward for the Indonesian film industry .. MERDEKA!

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