Think About DNA

I've written this before in another time in person and certain circles. Now I am going to publish this paper.

Accompanied by a glass of cappuccino.
Each creation has always had a vivid lesson in every second time and the rest of his life, especially human beings are categorized as perfect reportedly armed with sensible and the carnality.
The outermost layer of the bit of reading material I just read about deoxyribonucleic acid, or commonly referred to as DNA.

The Supreme Creator of the master blueprint for an organism's complexity.
Is most likely a matter of life and the complexity of socialization in it is affected by DNA ...?

It says in Wikipedia that in broad outline, the role of DNA in a cell is as a means of genetic material, DNA stores the blueprint for all cellular activity.

Every living thing is made up of multiple cells that form a complex arrangement of organs, from a collection of organ formed individuals thing, from a collection of individuals form a community, form a system of collection of community life to explore all of the time.

The journey time from time to time be filled by the activities of Genetic Material. What a strong and weak systems.
When the activity of genetic material to its role in normal life with kindness, life pack which in time will become a pure goodness.
But not that simple, there is an activity that is said as a balancer in the code of ethics Black and White is always followed like a shadow self.
Genetic material once again play a role, this time it played a VIRUS like arrogance poisons called VENOM.

Back again to the code of ethics Black and White.
Pure goodness or pure evil ...?

Back again to the basic blueprint of life.
DNA ..? In the world of mortals who forded a set of DNA is obvious mapping where only one that can be wrapped, which is BALANCE.
Maybe that's what was there between Heaven and Hell in religious terms.
Space does exist if we go back again to see the Blueprint of Life (DNA).

In a holy book I ever read anything so would mean understanding that always include "Verily in this is truly there are signs for people who think".
Thinking will guide us in determining the steps of
life through to explore all of the time.

Almost any subject is far forget our hosts called TITLE aka DNA.
Human genetic material have a blueprint in the form of carnality
Although we are the thinkers and analyzers.
There is still a role of carnality is always accompanied by the faithful every a step of the Sensible..

Once again and do not forget them and the siding on one side between Sensible and Carnality.
Solely for the sake of reinforcing the theme of writing this post.

I sat quietly for them just above the counterweight and the collection of genetic material called it's name with pride DNA.

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