YSOI - She wrote "Arti Sahabat"

.not about who you know is the longest.
.not who comes first.
.or not most of the attention.
.all it is about who came & never left.

Arrival of a person in our lives is a boon, as time passes.
The role of the person will manifest themselves as what he/she had in our lives.
If according to my glasses, best friends in our friendship is our soulmate.
She/He came and never went in when we are happy or sad even he would always share with us in times of feeling it also occurred to her/him. So that we too can feel the happiness and their sadness.

Who's your best friends ..?
It could be your parents, brothers, friends own age, or even your wife or husband.
It may also be surprising that your best friends are your child's future.

Thank you to my friends who allow me to share this to the public for something better.

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