Style and Attitude

Different from the others in one group can be called unique.
As happens in an event at the end of the event held a vote in the category "most-[something]".
There is one person who according to most members of a group can win the category of "most" in various categories.

Who is he ? He is Wahyu Cepta AKA Mbah Temon, alias Ari Lasso(not actually an artist)
How can one man get a category :

  1. the handsomest
  2. the funniest
  3. the most beautiful
  4. the oldest
  5. the most well-formed nose
  6. the coolest

Separated from the truth, that all is not 100% valid.  
But from there we can learn, that the style is simple and fun attitude that can change one's appearance into the category most in an assessment of other people to us in their first assessment
Be yourself is always correct then it would be better than just being yourself 

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