Friends are like Electrons

We're like a bunch of atoms that make up life in the universe.
Every human person is unique. Each unique person has two sides that form it,
such as atomic nuclei are composed of protons and neutrons.

The nucleus can be likened to a form of two opposite sides of each pair
like the good-bad, healthy-sick, pretty-bad, rich-poor, all pairs such as neutrons and protons that make up atomic nuclei.

Each nucleus is always surrounded by electrons.
One or more electrons surrounds the nucleus has a role that makes the atoms form a characteristic different.

Humans as well as the atomic nucleus, its character is formed due to the influence of the people around like electrons surrounding the atomic nucleus.
Although self-determine the direction the more that character is formed.
Electrons are described as people who play a role in one's life, such as friends or family.
Similarly friend who introduced us to new things, form the familiar path of other atoms because attraction between electrons from other atoms.

If we think back to the basic form of a form of life or anything in this universe.
The nature and characteristics reflect the nature of the Atom.

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