Simple Taste Delights

Located at kilometer 30 on the highway Semarang-Bawen exactly in front of Coca-Cola Amatil Indonesia plant Central Java Operation.
We can find a simple restaurant with a delicious taste with a sense of its Indonesian.

This is Madyoroso Restaurant.
Beginning with the sale of carrying rice in 1975, a woman named Ibu Suryati start this business.

Entering the year 1980 she along with her husband Bapak Wasio start setting up a restaurant and named Madyoroso or also known as Warung Mbak Sur.

Cuisine on offer here in the form of vegetables, meat, fish, chicken, eggs and birds.
All this is cooked with the taste of Indonesian cuisine, especially in Central Java.

If you are traveling in the direction of Semarang, Jogja or Solo, or vice versa, you can temporarily stop to taste the cuisine here.

Enjoy your travels in Central Java, Indonesia.

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