Geotagging on Your Blog Post

More information about the blog post you make it easy for readers to understand about what the clarity of the post.
One is the position of the scene of the contents of these posts - Or "Location Information" *hehe....

With Geotagging in the Blogger.com environment which integrated with Google Map.

Here's how :
1. Click the Add Location button in the bottom right of the new post editor.

2. So,.. You will bring up a new window that displays the familiar Google Maps interface and you can customize and drop markers for the location of your choice.
You can change the name of the place in accordance with the truth according to you. Because what is raised by google maps might not like what you would expect.

3. Click Save then publish your New Post.

You can see an example in my other post Simple Taste Delights

Happy blogging and have a nice week end :)

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